What about accepting results? WaPo offers jolly trip down an alternate timeline where Hillary won

The mainstream media is just weird. After telling America that Hillary Clinton’s election was more than 90 percent certain, journalists pivoted sharply when hit with reality. Christiane Amanpour rallied her fellow reporters to “commit to real reporting” now more than ever. Newspapers … Read More

Sad! Not everyone appreciate’s Trump’s reminder that it’s a big anniversary for him as well

As Twitchy reported, fans of Hillary Clinton are observing the one-year anniversary of her election defeat with the #ThankYouHillary hashtag (which has been hijacked by conservatives, of course). In fact, there’s been so much attention paid to Clinton today it’s … Read More

‘Men who ran toward danger’: CIA interrupts Hillary’s book release to honor its heroes killed in Benghazi

In honor of the release of “What Happened,” dudes across social media are supposed to be retweeting only females today to help #AmplifyWomen … because, you know, Hillary Clinton has only 18 million followers on Twitter and needs every bit … Read More