The Atlantic: Donald Trump, Jr. corresponded with Wikileaks but was just not that into them

The Atlantic’s Julia Ioffe had a scoop to share Monday: reportedly, the president’s son, Donald Trump, Jr., corresponded with Wikileaks during the 2016 campaign, although it appears that Wikileaks was the party making the most requests. SCOOP: Turns out Donald Trump, … Read More

‘Disaster’: Bill Clinton’s pollster cites malpractice and arrogance in analyzing Hillary’s loss

Right around the time Hillary Clinton’s list of people, places, and things she blames for her election loss was hitting bookstore shelves, Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg was putting the finishing touches on his essay “How She Lost,” and it’s well … Read More

President in deep for using #Harvey response as product placement for his $40 USA hat

As Twitchy reported Tuesday morning, reporters covering President and Mrs. Trump’s visit to Texas were distracted by the first lady’s choice of footwear: stiletto heels didn’t seem particularly “disaster friendly.” From stilettos to a FLOTUS hat, Melania Trump shows What … Read More

‘Why?’: CNN’s Jim Acosta and Brian Stelter mind-meld over Trump’s ‘campaign-style’ rally

As Twitchy reported Monday night following President Trump’s speech on his administration’s military strategy in Afghanistan and South Asia, CNN’s senior media correspondent Brian Stelter and aspiring sock model Jim Acosta had a meeting of the minds: what was this … Read More

No way: Postal workers dispatched to battleground states to campaign for Hillary Clinton, Democrats

So here’s the chaser to all of the shots this afternoon about the inaugural meeting of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity … you know, the hot takes on how Republicans keep insisting voter fraud is a problem just … Read More