Jake Tapper drags Donald Trump over the coals on CNN, but Paul Ryan ends up getting burned

Plenty of people showed up to protest outside of Speaker Paul Ryan’s “fake” CNN town hall Monday night. Yes, it was a town hall by CNN’s standards, but it didn’t follow the (literal) instruction manual of the group Indivisible, and … Read More

‘Slam dunk’! Charles Barkley brings ‘voice of reason’ to monument debate (brace for backlash)

Opinions have been flying constantly in the debate about Confederate monuments, and Charles Barkley’s opinion is making the rounds fast today: Every word of this is the God’s honest truth https://t.co/4G0uMUhr6s — ConservativeBlackMan (@Thomasismyuncle) August 18, 2017 Here’s what Barkley … Read More