‘Such a FRAUD’! Linda Sarsour decries conservative support for Iran protests, straight-up LIES

Yesterday, the New Republic’s Sarah Jones got all pissy because “right-wing hawks” have been expressing their support for Iranian protesters demonstrating against their repressive government. According to her, conservatives have no credibility when it comes to women’s rights. Jones herself, … Read More

RIGHT on cue! Boston Globe journo shames the REAL enemy after Warren calls Gillibrand a slut

As Twitchy told you, Elizabeth Warren kinda-sorta totally called her Democratic colleague Kirsten Gillibrand a slut today. That certainly seemed like a newsworthy — or at the very least, mockworthy — story. But according to the Boston Globe’s Astead W. … Read More

CNN’s Dylan Byers put off by Ajit Pai’s ‘highly charged political statement’ about Twitter

Speaking this afternoon, FCC chair Ajit Pai commented on Twitter’s issues with verification and discrimination: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says in speech that Twitter has a “double standard” in suspending and de-verifying accounts from conservatives. — Seth Fiegerman (@sfiegerman) November … Read More