You won’t be ONE BIT surprised to see who Gov. Jerry Brown blames for the California wildfires

California Gov. Jerry Brown blames President Donald Trump for the wildfires currently plaguing his state. Governor Brown criticizes President Trump for climate change position as California burns — CBS News (@CBSNews) December 10, 2017 Given the fact that … Read More

‘Delete your account’: Is NBC is REALLY going to go with this as the cause of ‘famine’ in North Korea?

NBC thought this would make a great headline. Trump’s North Korea policy could trigger famine, experts warn — NBC News (@NBCNews) December 10, 2017 Someone actually wrote that. Delete your account. — Carl Gustav (@CaptYonah) December 10, … Read More

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem declares that Trump lost the election, isn’t the president

The 13th annual Massachusetts Women’s Conference was held this week in Boston and featured speakers such as Meryl Streep, Viola Davis, and Gloria Steinem. Not surprisingly, Steinem took a shot at President Trump during her presentation, calling him the “harasser-in-chief” and claiming that … Read More