‘No lives matter’: New York Daily News SLAMS Trump, NRA with GROTESQUE front page scheduled for Thursday release

The leftist media is doing everything in their power to trash guns, President Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association. The New York Daily News’ front page for Thursday is rather disgusting: .@NYDailyNews really going there with tomorrow’s cover. pic.twitter.com/AAZsEdUA5S … Read More

‘I hear you’: Trump getting destroyed over his ’empathy cheat sheet’ at listening session

It’s really unfortunate that President Trump isn’t getting more (or any) credit for Wednesday afternoon’s “listening session” with survivors of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting, their parents, and teachers. Students floated some very good ideas (such as holding more emergency … Read More

TWISTED: Touré spots ‘cowardice’ at Trump’s sit-down with shooting survivors (Spoiler: Not enough narrative pushing)

As Twitchy told you this afternoon, President Trump has a number of invited guests at the White House, including survivors and family members of victims of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, for a “listening session.” Trump got an earful … Read More

President Trump at school shooting ‘listening session’: ‘We’re gonna do something about this’

President Trump and Vice President Pence hosted a “listening session” on school shootings at the White House today, and Trump kicked things off by reassuring participants that “we’re gonna do something about this horrible situation.” Pres Trump tells “listening session” … Read More