BUCKLE UP! Hillary Clinton ‘would not’ rule out directly threatening our democracy

Annnnnnnd Hillary Clinton’s delusional horribleness continues apace: NPR asked if Clinton would rule out questioning legitimacy of 2016, pending Russia probe CLINTON: “No I would not”https://t.co/azSFhnWaJY — Aaron Blake (@AaronBlake) September 18, 2017 JUST IN: Clinton refuses to rule out … Read More

Move on BRUH: Dana Loesch NUKES blue check ‘man’ trying to bully her in BRUTAL back-and-forth

You know Dana Loesch has REALLY whooped someone when you go to pull the tweets from a back-and-forth and they’ve all been deleted. That’s what happened when Brett Arends (some nobody journo who Twitter saw fit to verify) attacked Dana, … Read More