‘F**K YOU’! ‘Walking Dead’ actor blames Trump for making parents ‘explain racism to our children’

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan of “Supernatural,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Walking Dead” was among those not impressed with President Trump’s comments to the media yesterday where Trump again specifically addressed the violence in Charlottesville, Va. on Saturday: @realDonaldTrump FUCK YOU. Seriously. … Read More

Sen. Marco Rubio calls fatal attack in Charlottesville terrorism, lays 100 percent of blame on organizers

As Twitchy reported Saturday, several high-ranking Republicans emerged on social media after President Trump denounced the hatred, bigotry, and violence that he saw coming from “many sides” in Charlottesville, Va. Several of those same Republicans spoke up again on Tuesday … Read More

‘This is sick’: Sen. Elizabeth Warren and fellow Democrats slam president for defending neo-Nazis

For an announcement about infrastructure, President Trump managed to rile just about everyone Tuesday. Of course, the press didn’t care about his plan for the country’s infrastructure; they wanted another take on Charlottesville, and they got it. It’s about this … Read More

President Trump takes third swing at #Charlottesville statement, strikes out bigly with reporters, pundits

President Trump’s big announcement from Trump Tower in New York City Tuesday afternoon was supposed to be about infrastructure, but he managed to guarantee bridges and highways will receive next to no coverage on the cable news shows. Sounds like … Read More