NICE try! Ezra Klein not getting away with shifting blame for O-care failings to Trump

President Trump better be careful with how he handles Barack Obama’s signature piece of flawless legislation, or else: If Trump breaks Obamacare, it becomes Trumpcare, and he will be blamed for it — Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) October 16, 2017 … Read More

Here’s why Ezra Klein’s concern about ‘authoritarian’ Trump rings a bit hollow

As Twitchy told you, this morning, Donald Trump once again took to Twitter to go after one of his favorite targets: the media. He’s certainly gotten some rough treatment from the MSM since clinching the GOP nomination last year, but … Read More

INCOMING! Erielle Davidson, others drop the mic HARD on unsuspecting Ezra Klein

Alabama’s Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore is, by many accounts, not the greatest guy. But if Ezra Klein wants to use Moore as a broad brush with which to paint the GOP, he’d better be prepared for what comes next. … Read More

D’OH! Ezra Klein’s argument for single-payer backfires (on Bernie) BIG TIME

Progressives continue to push Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for all” plan (aka “single-payer”), and here’s an observation from’s founder: States do not have magic ways to cut healthcare costs. When funding drops, they cut people off, reduce eligibility, and … Read More