Guess what else was on Anthony Weiner’s laptop? 2,800 of Huma Abedin’s work-related documents

As the New York Daily News put it Tuesday, “Pervy pol Anthony Weiner is still putting his estranged wife in legal danger.” State Department officials informed Judicial Watch last week that 2,800 government-related work documents were recovered from Weiner’s laptop. … Read More

Confirmed (again): James Comey had his mind made up on Hillary before interviewing her

Back at the end of August, Katie Pavlich over at Townhall looked at transcripts released by the Senate Judiciary Committee that confirmed what pretty much everyone already suspected: former FBI Director James Comey had decided not to refer Hillary Clinton for prosecution as early … Read More

BINGO! Katie Pavlich schools blame-happy, self-unaware Hillary Clinton (and her fans at ‘The View’)

As Twitchy readers are painfully aware, Hillary Clinton’s new book contains excuse after excuse after excuse for why she lost last year’s election (none of the excuses are “Hillary Clinton,” by the way). Hillary kept the blame game going on … Read More

Million Juggalo March to overlap with Mother of All Rallies in September; Faygo and tiki torch futures soar

We were kind of hoping that the wall-to-wall media coverage of white supremacists would die out sometime before fall, but it’s looking very possible that we might be watching Wolf Blitzer reporting earnestly on the Million Juggalo March in mid-September. … Read More