Sorry, WHAT? Bill Mitchell wants these media outlets’ ‘licenses evaluated’ (nice try, dude)

Why settle for the parody when you can have the real thing? Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Mitchell: Vanity Fair, WAPO, NYTimes, CNN, NBC – they all just make stuff up and report it as news. Yes, they should have their … Read More

Here’s why Ezra Klein’s concern about ‘authoritarian’ Trump rings a bit hollow

As Twitchy told you, this morning, Donald Trump once again took to Twitter to go after one of his favorite targets: the media. He’s certainly gotten some rough treatment from the MSM since clinching the GOP nomination last year, but … Read More

Paging ‘all conservatives’! Jonathan Chait’s got a PIPING-HOT take for you!

Jonathan Chait: Doing his part to get Donald Trump re-elected, one tweet at a time. This essay defining white supremacy to include support for 1st Amendment proves my point about rhetorical slippage — Jonathan Chait (@jonathanchait) September 27, … Read More