OH MAN: Just ONE problem with Sheriff David Clarke’s slam on ‘whacky’ Frederica Wilson [pics]

Word of advice to Sheriff David Clarke: If you’re gonna attack Dem Rep. Frederica Wilson for her fashion sense … .@realDonaldTrump calling Frederica Wilson “whacky” is putting it mildly. The woman is a buffoon. Look at her. https://t.co/GlpIyCTAqY pic.twitter.com/ov3gFCtmjC — … Read More

‘Kool-Aid OD is UGLY!’ Sean Spicer parody’s #IBelieveFrederica tweet triggers SERIOUS sh*tfits

Earlier when we covered the #IBelieveFrederica hashtag we came across a fabulous tweet from our favorite Sean Spicer parody, @sean_spicier: “I voted for Obama twice, I’ll believe anything“ #IBelieveFrederica — Sean Spicier (@sean_spicier) October 20, 2017 And as usual, the … Read More