Alan Dershowitz preparing for triggered Columbia students to shout down his speech

Is there anything more terrifying than Alan Dershowitz? I invite protesters to ask me hard questions but I won’t be silenced by intolerant censors of the extreme left/right — Alan Dershowitz (@AlanDersh) September 25, 2017 More from the Washington … Read More

UC Berkeley forecast: Snowflakes have meltdown, organizers cancel ‘Free Speech Week’

“Free Speech Week” at UC Berkeley has been canceled. UC Berkeley officials say ‘Free Speech Week’ called off, Yiannopoulos presser canceled as well. — San Francisco Now (@SanFranciscoCP) September 23, 2017 Thanks to the overwhelming presence of police who … Read More

Here’s that lecture on ‘free speech’ and punching Nazis you might have missed in school

As Twitchy reported, teachers and students at UC Berkeley are encouraging professors to cancel classes and administrators to close down the campus next week during “Free Speech Week,” which promises to bring conservative speakers like Ann Coulter to campus. Seeing … Read More