Ben Shapiro BUSTS SJWs’ hypocrisy (with a little help from ‘gender fluid’ Sam Smith)

As Twitchy told you, singer Sam Smith revealed that he feels like he’s half woman. Not because he’s got woman parts or anything, but because he just feels it, you know? And Ben Shapiro can’t help but make an observation: … Read More

PROBLEMATIC! Jared Kushner’s ‘female’ mistake brings out woke types’ inner transphobia

Pssst! Hey! Did you guys hear that Jared Kushner is registered to vote as a woman? JUST IN: Kushner registered to vote in New York as a female — The Hill (@thehill) September 27, 2017 More from The … Read More

Oh no he DI’INT! Iowahawk makes quite possibly the PERFECT Chelsea Manning / Harvard joke YET

Wait, did Harvard just assume Chelsea Manning’s gender? Ha ha ha. I can’t believe they named her a “fellow” — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) September 14, 2017 Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell was so disgusted with Harvard’s decision that he … Read More