BUSTED! Ben Shapiro smacks The Hill for straight-up LYING about Berkeley speech

As if there weren’t already enough leftist ridiculousness surrounding Ben Shapiro’s successful speech at UC Berkeley, The Hill took it upon themselves to add more fuel to the fire: Conservative commentator to protestors at Berkeley speech: “Go to hell, you … Read More

SHAMELESS: Even as Charlie Gard passes, NYT looks to protect single-payer health care that killed him

Pretty blatant there, New York Times. Gotta protect the single-payer for America agenda, right? Breaking News: Charlie Gard, the incurably ill British infant, has died https://t.co/8oiFyiRUFQ — The New York Times (@nytimes) July 28, 2017 ‘Incurably ill.’ Wow, could the … Read More

‘Unbelievable’! ABC News targets Jeff Sessions with ‘disgustingly mendacious headine’

Stop the presses! ABC News has caught Attorney General Jeff Sessions engaging in some shadowy hateful activity: AG Sessions delivered speech to an alleged “anti-LGBT hate group,” but the DOJ is refusing to reveal what he said. https://t.co/sWxap65RXG pic.twitter.com/NFfbvZGGbr — … Read More