Good question: Where were all the leakers/reporters on the Uranium One scandal?

As Twitchy has reported, there hasn’t been much in the headlines about a story broken by The Hill on Tuesday that essentially confirmed something Donald Trump suggested throughout his campaign; that is, Russian nuclear officials routed millions to the Clintons’ charitable … Read More

Jesse Kelly has the PERFECT response for Gloria Steinem calling Hillary Clinton ‘Wonder Woman’

According to feminist icon Gloria Steinem, Hillary Clinton is “Wonder Woman”: Gloria Steinem: Hillary Clinton is “Wonder Woman” — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) October 20, 2017 Oh really? Here’s Jesse Kelly with his thoughts on that: “I wonder if we … Read More

D’OH! James Woods finds HILLARY-ous proof why people shouldn’t take stock in CNN predictions

It’s been a good year for the stock market and investors: Dow since @POTUS was elected President. — Fox News (@FoxNews) October 6, 2017 Stock Market Under Trump Keeps Closing At Record Highs — The Daily Caller … Read More

It just got real: Hillary Clinton claims to Australian interviewer, ‘Jim Comey shivved me’

They really do things bigger in Australia, don’t they? Only Sunday, Twitchy was reporting on a CNN interview in which Hillary Clinton was (again) blaming former FBI Director James Comey and his October surprise for costing her the women’s vote … Read More

Confirmed (again): James Comey had his mind made up on Hillary before interviewing her

Back at the end of August, Katie Pavlich over at Townhall looked at transcripts released by the Senate Judiciary Committee that confirmed what pretty much everyone already suspected: former FBI Director James Comey had decided not to refer Hillary Clinton for prosecution as early … Read More