Wow: Brady Campaign kicks off the day soliciting donations to ‘honor’ the victims in Las Vegas

Monday afternoon, the Brady Campaign, a gun control organization, retweeted a piece from The Huffington Post entitled, “As Usual, The NRA Goes Into Hiding After A Deadly Mass Shooting.” “As Usual, The NRA Goes Into Hiding After A Deadly Mass … Read More

MORONS: Dana Loesch ZINGS HuffPost for claiming Eric Trump’s haircut makes him look like Hitler

OMG ERIC TRUMP GOT A HAIRCUT!!! Literally. Hitler. *eye roll* Eric Trump’s new haircut reminds Twitter of a certain white nationalist — HuffPost Lifestyle (@HPLifestyle) June 26, 2017 Forget that thousands (millions) of men and WOMEN have the … Read More

Did Eric Trump and white nationalist Richard Spencer coordinate haircuts, or is Twitter being silly again?

Twitchy readers have probably forgotten that this site has already covered the “controversy” surrounding the haircut favored by white nationalist Richard Spencer and many neo-Nazis: you know, the “Hippler,” the “fashy,” etc. Just weeks after the election, LA Weekly, the … Read More