MTV’s Chet Cannon exposes Resistance leader Scott Dworkin as FLAMING hypocrite

If there’s one thing Democratic Coalition co-founder and Resistance™ leader Scott Dworkin hates, it’s the politicization of a tragedy. Unless he’s the one doing the politicizing, that is. MTV’s Chet Cannon couldn’t help but notice that despite Dworkin’s shaming of … Read More

‘D*ckless coward’! Just GUESS what Jimmy Kimmel DOESN’T want to address at next Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel is so stunning and brave, speaking truth to power about gun control and health care. Because he’s so stunning and brave and all. Oh, wait: Jimmy Kimmel is making next year’s Oscars a Harvey Weinstein-free zone … Read More

‘Ellen Weinstein?’ Ellen DeGeneres SLAMMED for ‘tasteless’ tribute to Katy Perry [pic]

Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday tribute to Katy Perry is getting quite a bit of attention: Happy birthday, @KatyPerry! It’s time to bring out the big balloons! — Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) October 25, 2017 It’s pretty clear that Ellen was just … Read More

D’OH! Leo DiCaprio’s public office litmus test could backfire BIG TIME on the Left

Jet-set actor and climate change alarmist Leonardo DiCaprio thinks a certain “belief” should be a requirement to hold public office: DiCaprio: People who don’t believe in science should not be allowed to hold public office — The Hill … Read More

SACRIFICE: Oscar-winning actor heroically wards off eco-apocalypse by giving up private jet (‘for one day?’)

It’s confirmed: Not all heroes wear capes — Noah Pollak (@NoahPollak) July 21, 2017 No they don’t! Behold the tremendous personal sacrifice: Leo DiCaprio finally says goodbye to private jets — Page Six (@PageSix) July 21, 2017 … Read More