‘Woke 3rd graders’? WaPo’s go-to demo for hot button issue analysis speaks VOLUMES

The Washington Post renewed its commitment to hard-hitting journalism on inauguration day in January, and they haven’t looked back since: In third grade, kids care a lot about fairness. Here’s what they think about politics. https://t.co/7wO2fdgoag pic.twitter.com/r86zgAogju — Washington Post … Read More

‘Take a bow’! Did this prediction about Trump come true or WHAT?

Damn. Did this guy call it, or did he call it? I’m telling you, the Trump/Schumer/Pelosi Amnesty Act of 2017 is going to be so amazing you won’t believe it. https://t.co/j4rRbOFG2u — Scott Lincicome (@scottlincicome) February 11, 2016 Wow. Guess … Read More

‘We can’t control it’: Canada dispatches troops to illegal border crossing … to assist at makeshift intake camp

All of those celebrities who loudly promised to move to Canada (not Mexico?) if Donald Trump were elected never quite followed through, but the media is publishing more and more stories about people pouring over the border into Canada. In … Read More

Critics echo each other accusing Stephen Miller of echoing white supremacist talking points

“Stephen Miller” is currently the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter in the United States following his clash with CNN’s Jim Acosta over the Trump administration’s proposed immigration policy. It’s not unusual to see members of the media reflexively oppose … Read More