In wake of NYC attack, Brian Fallon suggests national convo about bump stocks

As you’ve probably heard several times from Democrats today, the terrorist attack in Manhattan yesterday isn’t to be politicized, unless of course it’s to politicize a perceived politicization from the other side, as former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon … Read More

SURPRISE! Ex-Hillary Clinton spox DEFENDS disgusting anti-Gillespie ad

As Twitchy told you, progressive outfit Latino Victory sank to a sickening new low with an ad smearing Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie as a racist, child-hating xenophobe. A lot of people condemned the twisted ad, as any decent … Read More

‘Woke 3rd graders’? WaPo’s go-to demo for hot button issue analysis speaks VOLUMES

The Washington Post renewed its commitment to hard-hitting journalism on inauguration day in January, and they haven’t looked back since: In third grade, kids care a lot about fairness. Here’s what they think about politics. — Washington Post … Read More