BOOM: Instapundit & David Limbaugh NUKE Obama’s ‘politics of fear’ soap box

Campaigning for Democrats yesterday, President Obama served up a lecture about what “doesn’t work” in politics: Back on the stump, Obama calls on voters to reject ‘politics of fear’ — Capital Journal (@WSJPolitics) October 20, 2017 Obama: “If you … Read More

OUCH! Instapundit silences Leo DiCaprio’s eco-alarm about Trump with 1 SLAM-TASTIC question

Hey, who didn’t see this criticism coming? Leonardo DiCaprio says Trump will be “vilified” by history for inaction on climate change — The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) September 21, 2017 Full stop, Leo! First things first: Which private jet … Read More

BAHAHA! Instapundit calls for these ‘racist corporations’ to be shut down IMMEDIATELY

Well this is just unacceptable. Google is RACIST! No really … Google, Twitter let advertisers target racist keywords, reports say — CBS News (@CBSNews) September 17, 2017 From CBS News: Anyone who uses Google has seen internet ads … Read More