‘FIFY’: Instapundit amends Jonathan Chait’s mockery of Steve Scalise over Ben Rhodes’ ‘obits’ tweet

As Twitchy told you, Obama flack and perennial dirtbag Ben Rhodes is gleefully anticipating the obituaries of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Mike Pence. GOP Rep. Steve Scalise — who very nearly did die — took offense to Rhodes’ callousness, … Read More

BOOM: Instapundit & David Limbaugh NUKE Obama’s ‘politics of fear’ soap box

Campaigning for Democrats yesterday, President Obama served up a lecture about what “doesn’t work” in politics: Back on the stump, Obama calls on voters to reject ‘politics of fear’ https://t.co/2POr3MG9m0 — Capital Journal (@WSJPolitics) October 20, 2017 Obama: “If you … Read More

OUCH! Instapundit silences Leo DiCaprio’s eco-alarm about Trump with 1 SLAM-TASTIC question

Hey, who didn’t see this criticism coming? Leonardo DiCaprio says Trump will be “vilified” by history for inaction on climate change https://t.co/6S6PZ4adJw pic.twitter.com/ue1lsznegf — The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) September 21, 2017 Full stop, Leo! First things first: Which private jet … Read More

BAHAHA! Instapundit calls for these ‘racist corporations’ to be shut down IMMEDIATELY

Well this is just unacceptable. Google is RACIST! No really … Google, Twitter let advertisers target racist keywords, reports say https://t.co/SmMinXPOVm pic.twitter.com/TOfVYfMe9s — CBS News (@CBSNews) September 17, 2017 From CBS News: Anyone who uses Google has seen internet ads … Read More