‘So proud!’ WATCH: Israeli judo champ shows TRUE strength in face of SHAMEFUL bigotry

An Israeli athlete took the gold medal at the Abu Dhabi judo Grand Slam. Here’s how Abu Dhabi’s officials saw fit to award him: Wow. Israeli wins gold in Judo in Abu Dhabi, which refuses to show Israeli flag or play … Read More

‘DON’T insult us!’ Obianuju Ekeocha REKT UK policeMAN painting nails blue to ‘end slavery’

Nothing says anti-slavery like men painting their nails blue. Remember when Abe Lincoln painted his nails a lovely shade of cornflower? These people. Here’s @ASPJoeIles sporting some bright blue talons for #AntiSlaveryDay #LetsNailIt. Tweet us your nail pics ☺️https://t.co/qg50zYlyJt pic.twitter.com/w0UzrkSh1X … Read More