‘Deliberate act’: Christmas shoppers attacked in Melbourne; ‘Up to 19’ injured; Driver is ‘Australian citizen of Afghan descent’

Breaking news overnight in Melbourne, Australia where a 32-year-old Australian citizen of Afghan descent was arrested after targeting Christmas shoppers with his car: Video shows the scenes on Flinders Street, Melbourne after a car plowed into a crowd of Christmas shoppers. … Read More

‘Despicable’: Editorial cartoonist sinks to NEW ‘new low’ to link NRA to terrorists

We’ve seen some editorial cartoons that are beyond the pale when it comes to attempting to blame the NRA for mass shootings, but a NEW new low has been spotted: 11/08 Mike Luckovich: Groupies. https://t.co/jErS8KNzjK pic.twitter.com/3qf15DOBlV — mike luckovich (@mluckovichajc) … Read More