Don’t tell the UN! Another nation is moving its Israel embassy to Jerusalem

Guatemala is following the United States’ lead by moving its Israel embassy to Jerusalem. Guatemala to move embassy to Jerusalem, backing Trump — The Jerusalem Post (@Jerusalem_Post) December 24, 2017 This comes after the Trump administration has received … Read More

Pop star Lorde considers canceling Israel concert after being ‘educated’ by BDS activists

Pop singer Lorde was all set to perform in Israel, until a pair of BDS activists decided to show her the light: Lorde may cancel Israel concert after backlash from fans — The Times of Israel (@TimesofIsrael) December … Read More

‘SPOT-ON’! Jake Tapper CALLS OUT ‘some countries’ who condemned the US at the UN [video]

As Twitchy told you yesterday, 128 countries at the U.N. General Assembly voted to condemn the United States for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Many lefties seem to think that “stinging rebuke” is supposed to make us feel bad, because, … Read More

‘This is RICH’! Just LOOK who’s denouncing the United States’ ‘thuggish intimidation’ at the U.N.

There’ll be no shortage of condemnation of the United States for standing up to the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic bigots at the U.N. today, but this one … this one really hurts: A resounding global NO to Trump regime’s thuggish intimidation at … Read More