‘Our new #MoralCompass’? This Jimmy Kimmel flashback is MELTING hypocrisy detectors

Remember not long ago when CNN dubbed Jimmy Kimmel… America’s conscience https://t.co/Z7OmD2wXCs — Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) October 11, 2017 Since then, Kimmel’s responded to criticism of dodging the Harvey Weinstein story (along with other late night hosts as well as … Read More

Harvey WHO? ‘America’s Conscience’ Jimmy Kimmel et al. busted AGAIN for GLARING hypocrisy

Jimmy Kimmel’s been on a tear lately with his righteous outrage, first about health care and then about guns. So the news about Harvey Weinstein being a serial sexual predator should’ve sent him over the edge, right? Well, guess what: … Read More