D’OH! Leo DiCaprio’s public office litmus test could backfire BIG TIME on the Left

Jet-set actor and climate change alarmist Leonardo DiCaprio thinks a certain “belief” should be a requirement to hold public office: DiCaprio: People who don’t believe in science should not be allowed to hold public office https://t.co/JVowtOa9TR pic.twitter.com/AzQ4ohWLbE — The Hill … Read More

OUCH! Instapundit silences Leo DiCaprio’s eco-alarm about Trump with 1 SLAM-TASTIC question

Hey, who didn’t see this criticism coming? Leonardo DiCaprio says Trump will be “vilified” by history for inaction on climate change https://t.co/6S6PZ4adJw pic.twitter.com/ue1lsznegf — The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) September 21, 2017 Full stop, Leo! First things first: Which private jet … Read More

SACRIFICE: Oscar-winning actor heroically wards off eco-apocalypse by giving up private jet (‘for one day?’)

It’s confirmed: Not all heroes wear capes https://t.co/De3VgozYQ5 — Noah Pollak (@NoahPollak) July 21, 2017 No they don’t! Behold the tremendous personal sacrifice: Leo DiCaprio finally says goodbye to private jets https://t.co/59GRHwwMPX pic.twitter.com/XUYNx2ghxX — Page Six (@PageSix) July 21, 2017 … Read More