Sen. Marco Rubio calls fatal attack in Charlottesville terrorism, lays 100 percent of blame on organizers

As Twitchy reported Saturday, several high-ranking Republicans emerged on social media after President Trump denounced the hatred, bigotry, and violence that he saw coming from “many sides” in Charlottesville, Va. Several of those same Republicans spoke up again on Tuesday … Read More

After Charlottesville statement, Sens. Marco Rubio, Orrin Hatch also call on POTUS to ‘call evil by its name’

As Twitchy reported, the words “many sides” began trending on Twitter soon after President Trump made a televised statement on the violence currently rocking Charlottesville, Va., with critics calling him out for decrying hatred and bigotry that came from “many … Read More

Some big names in politics, media wondering who’ll condemn Women’s March’s praise of Assata Shakur

One thing was pretty clear Monday soon after the organizers of the Women’s March tweeted a happy birthday to “the revolutionary” Assata Shakur, who’s wanted by the FBI and hiding out in Cuba: it wouldn’t be long before they’d double-down … Read More