‘Have some dignity.’ Mary Katharine Ham’s SLAM on Clinton lackey Philippe Reines SURE to leave a mark

As Twitchy readers know, last night Clinton minion Philippe Reines attacked Senator Gillibrand for saying Bill Clinton should have resigned over the Lewinsky scandal. Because how DARE a Democrat speak unkindly (or honestly) about one of their Kings, right? Ken … Read More

Mary Katharine Ham proposes a common-sense solution for Hollywood’s sexual harassment problem

Richard Dreyfuss. George Takei. And now this guy, showrunner for “Supergirl” and “Flash”: Warner Bros. suspends ‘Supergirl,’ ‘Flash’ showrunner in wake of sexual harassment claims https://t.co/4fvAmU9Rre pic.twitter.com/PdzVHzqKxl — Hollywood Reporter (@THR) November 11, 2017 Enter Mary Katharine Hame with the … Read More