‘Tinpot dictator sh*t’: Comedian Michael Ian Black can’t handle Trump’s praise of Western values

here is someone’s imagination running wild. https://t.co/lrTBoyyQ0I — David Harsanyi (@davidharsanyi) July 6, 2017 As Twitchy told you, Donald Trump’s speech in Poland praising Western Civilization has some journalists clutching their pearls even more tightly than usual. THE WEST WILL … Read More

Everyone can stop retweeting that bogus meme about Mitch McConnell and polio now

We now pause for a message from our all-knowing celebrity overlords: Oh cool, two celebrities spreading a madeup story on twitter. Tell me more about kids from Macedonia being the problem. pic.twitter.com/8qKsNhTrb1 — BT (@back_ttys) June 25, 2017 Plenty of … Read More