UH OH! If NRA’s Colion Noir Is Right, There Could Be More to Come From Hillary on the Weinstein Scandal

After six days, Hillary Clinton finally released a statement on the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Well, sort of – her spokesperson did. Statement from Secretary Clinton on Harvey Weinstein: pic.twitter.com/L1l2wl9l0I — Nick Merrill (@NickMerrill) October 10, 2017 And let’s just say, … Read More

‘2d Amendment sucks’: Geraldo makes fact-free case against guns

What can we say? When push comes to shove, Geraldo gonna Geraldo: Sorry mates I love guns but If the 2d Amendment really allows psychos to buy machine guns with silencers then the 2d Amendment sucks — Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) … Read More