‘LORD HAVE MERCY’: Pro-life warrior Obianuju Ekeocha shares ‘APPALLING’ glimpse at Dutch ‘public health’ [video]

Why can’t we be more like Europe? They’re so progressive over there. Obianuju Ekeocha shared a video today to highlight just how progressive they are: Watching this broke my heart. This dear man who has DownSyndrome is told exactly how … Read More

‘DON’T insult us!’ Obianuju Ekeocha REKT UK policeMAN painting nails blue to ‘end slavery’

Nothing says anti-slavery like men painting their nails blue. Remember when Abe Lincoln painted his nails a lovely shade of cornflower? These people. Here’s @ASPJoeIles sporting some bright blue talons for #AntiSlaveryDay #LetsNailIt. Tweet us your nail pics ☺️https://t.co/qg50zYlyJt pic.twitter.com/w0UzrkSh1X … Read More