‘F*ck you all’: J.R. Salzman SHREDS ‘a**holes” selective outrage over U.S. military deaths

Following yesterday’s provocative — and important — thread on the Bergdahl fiasco, today, Wounded Warrior J.R. Salzman is taking on all the liberals who have apparently rediscovered their outrage at American military deaths: Amazing to see those who basically cheered … Read More

TRUTH: Hillary Clinton admits Americans elected a president who committed sexual assault

The Hill reports that in an interview with the U.K.’s Channel 4 News Saturday, Hillary Clinton said that Americans “just elected someone who admitted sexual assault to the presidency.” For some crazy reason, though, The Hill left out the word “just,” … Read More

‘So much for diversity’! Notice anyone missing from Cosmo’s list of potential woman presidents?

Are you the official magazine of the DNC? — Piero Presinaci (@TheManFromDisco) June 27, 2017 The presidential election was nearly eight months ago now, but Cosmo’s still not over the fact that Hillary lost. So they’re trying to process it … Read More

Johnny Depp apparently thought this was the ideal time to muse about presidential assassinations

England’s humongous annual Glastonbury Festival is underway, and Johnny Depp stopped by the Cineramageddon Stage to introduce a screening of his film, “The Libertine,” and to mumble about assassinating the president. We’d say the timing seems especially wrong to bring … Read More