‘Is this a JOKE’?! Press group bestows ‘oppressor’ award on Trump, and then THIS happens [video]

The media has been taking one hell of a beating, so the Committee to Protect Journalists is fighting back: In response to Trump’s #FakeNews awards, CPJ announces #PressOppressors awards #TheFakieshttps://t.co/BGL3oaBrSq — CPJ (@pressfreedom) January 8, 2018 Press freedom group names … Read More

Sorry, WHAT? Bill Mitchell wants these media outlets’ ‘licenses evaluated’ (nice try, dude)

Why settle for the parody when you can have the real thing? Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Mitchell: Vanity Fair, WAPO, NYTimes, CNN, NBC – they all just make stuff up and report it as news. Yes, they should have their … Read More

Here’s why Ezra Klein’s concern about ‘authoritarian’ Trump rings a bit hollow

As Twitchy told you, this morning, Donald Trump once again took to Twitter to go after one of his favorite targets: the media. He’s certainly gotten some rough treatment from the MSM since clinching the GOP nomination last year, but … Read More