Broncos announce they’ll stand for anthem Sunday; Bears, Packers tweet GIFs of players standing

Too little, too late? Or were all the NFL players who joined in national anthem protests last Sunday planning to stand this coming week and weekend anyway? Were they protesting police brutality or just Donald Trump, or maybe both … … Read More

Unmarked cop car backs through protesters in St. Louis; Police accused of ‘pulling a Charlottesville’

Protests sparked by Friday’s acquittal of Jason Stockley of first-degree murder in the 2011 on-duty shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith are ongoing, and on Sunday, there was a disturbing flashback to the fatal ramming of protesters in Charlottesville, Va. in … Read More

Ready to rumble? Ben Shapiro dumps more cold water on Berkeley snowflakes

As the hour of Ben Shapiro’s speech draws nearer, Berkeley snowflakes are pulling out every last weapon they’ve got in their arsenal. He’s having too much fun. — Bethany S. Mandel (@bethanyshondark) September 14, 2017 Can you blame Shapiro … Read More

Anti-hate protesters in San Francisco lovingly burn Trump in effigy, heal nation’s divisions

As Twitchy reported, something called the Patriot Prayer rally scheduled for Saturday in San Francisco was canceled by the organizers over safety concerns. That, however, didn’t stop a massive group of counter-protesters, many with their faces covered, from showing up … Read More