‘Full of sh*t’! Kate Winslet gets THROTTLED for her Harvey Weinstein hypocrisy

In case you missed it, Kate Winslet recently joined the chorus of actresses denouncing Harvey Weinstein for his sick sexual predation: Kate Winslet on the Harvey Weinstein scandal https://t.co/rx7bnUK8S5 pic.twitter.com/hHvJxUSQ8D — Variety (@Variety) October 10, 2017 Here’s Winslet’s full statement: … Read More

‘Got to be kidding’! Who thought it would be a good idea for Bill Cosby to do this?

wut https://t.co/KmRZ7UnPH7 — Allahpundit (@allahpundit) June 22, 2017 Um……what. https://t.co/XACMaG6IA6 — LBG (@mchastain81) June 22, 2017 It’s 2017, so anything goes, apparently: Bill Cosby to Hold Seminars on How to Avoid Sexual Assault https://t.co/QyJsOQsi7j — TMZ (@TMZ) June 22, 2017 … Read More