‘F*cking DISGUSTING’! Actor Danny Masterson’s publicist puts ‘HORRIFYING’ spin on alleged rape

After Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K. were outed as sexual predators, Netflix took action pretty quickly, suspending production on “House of Cards” and canceling Louis C.K.’s comedy special. But as we noted earlier this month, their silence has been conspicuously … Read More

Backpedal FAIL: Feminists BRIGADE Lena Dunham for lame apology after defending accused rapist friend

Lena Dunham released an apology/statement for defending her accused rapist friend Murray Miller against allegations that he had raped then 17-year-old Auror Perrineau. You can tell she felt SUPER-BAD … for herself. pic.twitter.com/yhC2mvRn1V — Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) November 19, 2017 Guess … Read More

‘SICK father figure’: Actor Anthony Edwards says this producer molested him, raped his friend

We cannot emphasize this enough: It’s not just women who have suffered at the hands of Hollywood sexual predators. Men have been victims, too. And this morning, another man came forward. Earlier today, actor Anthony Edwards shared his own story, … Read More

‘D*ckless coward’! Just GUESS what Jimmy Kimmel DOESN’T want to address at next Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel is so stunning and brave, speaking truth to power about gun control and health care. Because he’s so stunning and brave and all. Oh, wait: Jimmy Kimmel is making next year’s Oscars a Harvey Weinstein-free zone https://t.co/9T6R61Fzy8 pic.twitter.com/NsSvdFQDsV … Read More