WaPo SHOCKER: Right-wing radio personality hosted show in same town where Alexandria shooter lived

The media seemed to have lost interest pretty quickly in the one-time Bernie Sanders volunteer who in June opened fire on congressional Republicans practicing for a charity baseball game, critically wounding Rep. Steve Scalise. It’s not as though the big … Read More

‘You’re joking, right?’ Linda Sarsour defends ‘jihad’ speech with a little help from BuzzFeeder

I *might* start taking media’s arguments about anonymity seriously when they stop defending awful people like Sarsour. — BT (@back_ttys) July 6, 2017 It was inevitable that someone would leap to Linda Sarsour’s defense after video surfaced of her extolling … Read More

WHOOPS! Did CNN’s Dylan Byers admit he’s not a ‘real reporter’?

Brutal. — Phillip Paulson (@PaulsonPhillip) June 27, 2017 As Twitchy told you earlier, CNN’s Dylan Byers and Jim Acosta pitched a fit over Sarah Huckabee Sanders calling on conservatives and fielding questions about media credibility (or lack thereof) at today’s … Read More