‘DAYUM’! Ari Fleischer’s correction for Politico makes Brian Ross (and ABC News) look even WORSE

Among the stories about suspended ABC News reporter Brian Ross is this article at Politico which mentions his instances of inaccuracies and journalistic malpractice (with an angle that takes the “conservatives pounce” approach): Conservatives skewer ABC News over faulty Trump-Flynn … Read More

HOLD UP: Did JARED KUSHNER tell Michael Flynn to contact Russia? (And what would that mean?)

The Flynn plot thickens: Jared Kushner is said to have ordered Michael Flynn to contact Russia, @EliLake reports https://t.co/659E82AKMI via @BV pic.twitter.com/p9SGHUGa40 — Bloomberg (@business) December 1, 2017 It was Kushner, reports @EliLake https://t.co/EQA0bAFPuc — Ramesh Ponnuru (@RameshPonnuru) December 1, … Read More