SHOCKAH! Dem Senators bend over BACKWARDS to avoid discussing Al Franken

As Twitchy told you, Al Franken’s fellow Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar wasn’t ready to comment on his getting busted for allegedly sexually harassing and groping Leeann Tweeden. She needed to wait for him to comment. But Klobuchar’s not the only Democratic … Read More

Now Jeff Greenfield is saying it’s suddenly time to look at Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct

It’s not difficult to spot the narrative being constructed now in the wake of sexual misconduct accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. First, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said Democrats were “overdue for a real reckoning” with the allegations against Bill … Read More

‘NO shame!’ Where did Lisa Bloom get the NERVE to say THIS to sexual assault victims?

You’ve gotta hand it to Lisa Bloom: She’s got nerve. After defending Harvey Weinstein (and then backing off following criticism), after reportedly trying to bury a story about Amazon Studios head Roy Price’s alleged sexual harassment, after reportedly offering to share … Read More