BREAKING: At least three dead following shooting at California elementary school

Horrible breaking news out of California: BREAKING: Multiple People Dead Following Shooting At California Elementary School – — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) November 14, 2017 BREAKING: Authorities say 3 dead in shooting in rural Northern California; shooter killed after also … Read More

MTV’s Chet Cannon exposes Resistance leader Scott Dworkin as FLAMING hypocrite

If there’s one thing Democratic Coalition co-founder and Resistance™ leader Scott Dworkin hates, it’s the politicization of a tragedy. Unless he’s the one doing the politicizing, that is. MTV’s Chet Cannon couldn’t help but notice that despite Dworkin’s shaming of … Read More

‘This is SICK’! Actor Michael McKean attacks the VICTIMS of #SutherlandSprings

There’s been no shortage of vicious takes following yesterday’s horrific mass shooting at a Texas church. But we’d be remiss if we failed to give actor Michael McKean his turn in the spotlight. After Paul Ryan’s call for prayers: Reports … Read More