‘Keep up, SWEETHEART.’ William Shatner sets phasers to NUKE dealing with SJW policing his fan club

William Shatner dared to share his fan club information on Twitter. https://t.co/P2nIzsBeoY https://t.co/EVdsBYyXNu — William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) December 14, 2017 Now, if you’re at all familiar with Shatner’s timeline you know Social Justice Warriors flock to him like some sort … Read More

Ben Shapiro BUSTS SJWs’ hypocrisy (with a little help from ‘gender fluid’ Sam Smith)

As Twitchy told you, singer Sam Smith revealed that he feels like he’s half woman. Not because he’s got woman parts or anything, but because he just feels it, you know? And Ben Shapiro can’t help but make an observation: … Read More