Harvey WHO? ‘America’s Conscience’ Jimmy Kimmel et al. busted AGAIN for GLARING hypocrisy

Jimmy Kimmel’s been on a tear lately with his righteous outrage, first about health care and then about guns. So the news about Harvey Weinstein being a serial sexual predator should’ve sent him over the edge, right? Well, guess what: … Read More

If Chelsea Handler were in charge, would Stephen Colbert be under arrest for this? (Spoiler: NAH!)

Discussing the goings-on at the Trump White House as well as what happened in Charlottesville, Stephen Colbert and his writers obviously couldn’t help themselves: Stephen Colbert gives Trump Nazi salute over Charlottesville: https://t.co/j475HpWJeL pic.twitter.com/vNH6E11E5p — The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) September … Read More

Get ready! Joe Scarborough reportedly poised to drop a bombshell of his own

Wow, Joe Scarborough. This changes everything. Or is it nothing? .@JoeNBC just announced during @colbertlateshow taping that he’s leaving GOP. Now an Independent. Watch tonight at 11:35 on @CBS — Chris Licht (@ChrisLicht) July 11, 2017 Alrighty then. Oh. https://t.co/745ftOhui6 … Read More