UC Berkeley forecast: Snowflakes have meltdown, organizers cancel ‘Free Speech Week’

“Free Speech Week” at UC Berkeley has been canceled. UC Berkeley officials say ‘Free Speech Week’ called off, Yiannopoulos presser canceled as well. https://t.co/6iaF2SNplx — San Francisco Now (@SanFranciscoCP) September 23, 2017 Thanks to the overwhelming presence of police who … Read More

Hundreds sign letter urging UC Berkeley to cancel classes during super-scary ‘Free Speech Week’

As Twitchy readers probably know, Ben Shaprio’s speech at UC Berkeley went off pretty smoothly last week, with only a handful of arrests, mostly for possession of banned weapons — in short, police made certain students and out-of-town agitators didn’t … Read More

BUSTED! Ben Shapiro smacks The Hill for straight-up LYING about Berkeley speech

As if there weren’t already enough leftist ridiculousness surrounding Ben Shapiro’s successful speech at UC Berkeley, The Hill took it upon themselves to add more fuel to the fire: Conservative commentator to protestors at Berkeley speech: “Go to hell, you … Read More

Dumbest chant EVER? Protesters of #BenAtBerkeley condemn speech as ‘violent,’ keep speaking anyway

Ben Shapiro’s speech at UC Berkeley has brought about plenty of backlash and triggering, and here’s a chant that’s beyond ironic: “Speech is violent, we will not be silent!” Students protesting #BenAtBerkeley. pic.twitter.com/49V6DD9OI7 — Sophia Lee Sohyun (@SophiaLeeHyun) September 15, … Read More

Ready to rumble? Ben Shapiro dumps more cold water on Berkeley snowflakes

As the hour of Ben Shapiro’s speech draws nearer, Berkeley snowflakes are pulling out every last weapon they’ve got in their arsenal. He’s having too much fun. https://t.co/F7g4hYonK6 — Bethany S. Mandel (@bethanyshondark) September 14, 2017 Can you blame Shapiro … Read More

‘Now THAT’S a good one!’ Gracious Ben Shapiro gives Berkeley props for this

As Twitchy told you, Berkeley is bracing for Ben Shapiro’s impending arrival with concrete barriers. And while Shapiro can’t help but marvel at the lengths to which Berkeley’s going to prepare for his speech: Jeez https://t.co/pg81Q7hzsQ — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) … Read More