ZING! Jim Treacher has PERFECT retort to Hillary Clinton’s swipe at Trump over Puerto RIco

Hillary’s apparently missed everything the federal government has been doing to help Puerto Rico’s hurricane victims. Not really surprising, given that so much of her time these days is taken up pointing fingers at everyone but herself for her election … Read More

Move over Kathy Griffin! Lena Dunham includes Dylan Roof in latest Trump attack, it’s a DOOZY

Guess Lena Dunham was worried Kathy Griffin was getting all of the attention for being a disgusting hosebag: Lena Dunham doubles down after Kathy Griffin, compares Trump to mass murder Dylann Roof ‘under diff’ circumstances’ https://t.co/7H4GbGdnND pic.twitter.com/cZ7U3syBC5 — Lynette Rice … Read More