After Trump attributes violence to ‘many sides,’ Sen. Cory Gardner calls on POTUS to ‘call evil by its name’

Twitter’s trending topics on Saturday were dominated by the marches, violent clashes, and apparent instance of vehicular homicide in Charlottesville, Va. Among the trending terms were #Charlottesville, #Virginia, Nazi, White Supremacists, Unite the Right, and Many Sides. That last entry … Read More

Iowahawk’s suggestion for an angry uncle Voxsplainer updated with man who threatened Sen. Joni Ernst

It wasn’t even a month ago that David “Iowahawk” Burge gave Vox a great suggestion for one of those guides to talking to family members about politics over the holidays that were so fashionable during the Obama years. How about … Read More

‘You people are dangerous’! BoingBoing just straight-up LIED about Dana Loesch’s NRA ad

This is a lie! — James Hardy (@JSteevenh) July 3, 2017 Much ado has been made of Dana Loesch’s “clenched fist of truth” ad for the NRA. And much of that ado has been, quite frankly, garbage. But there’s always … Read More