Who wants to tell her? Hillary Clinton: ‘Too soon’ for Dems to come to her for this advice

Hillary Clinton sat down for a lengthy interview with conservative talk host Hugh Hewitt: ICYMI: Audio/transcript of my interview w/ @HillaryClinton re her new book “What Happened”: https://t.co/lx9ZhySG9i — Hugh Hewitt (@hughhewitt) November 22, 2017 Among the revelations in the … Read More

It just got real: Hillary Clinton claims to Australian interviewer, ‘Jim Comey shivved me’

They really do things bigger in Australia, don’t they? Only Sunday, Twitchy was reporting on a CNN interview in which Hillary Clinton was (again) blaming former FBI Director James Comey and his October surprise for costing her the women’s vote … Read More

What is happening? Is Lena Dunham seriously thinking of making a Hillary movie?

Today, in stuff nobody is asking for: Lena Dunham entertains the idea of adapting Hillary Clinton’s memoir https://t.co/RcVrniRiF9 pic.twitter.com/MXTr1JET8X — Hollywood Reporter (@THR) September 29, 2017 More from the Hollywood Reporter: Dunham has to get her surroundings set first. “We … Read More

‘Peak irony’! If a woman runs for prez in 2020, Hillary *WILL support her (*conditions apply)

In Toronto last night, Hillary Clinton attempted to explain to Canada exactly #WhatHappened: WATCH: Hillary Clinton steps onto the stage in #Toronto to cheers & applause. She’ll offer an inside look at her 2016 Presidential campaign. pic.twitter.com/Ob5T7UYzTf — NEWSTALK1010 (@NEWSTALK1010) … Read More

‘Disaster’: Bill Clinton’s pollster cites malpractice and arrogance in analyzing Hillary’s loss

Right around the time Hillary Clinton’s list of people, places, and things she blames for her election loss was hitting bookstore shelves, Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg was putting the finishing touches on his essay “How She Lost,” and it’s well … Read More