Sad! Tom Brady gets trolled along with low-energy Nazis at #WhiteLivesMatter rally in Tennessee

There were a couple of so-called White Lives Matter rallies Saturday in Tennessee, and not surprisingly, counterprotesters outnumbered white supremacists at each. These guys just arrived in #Shelbyville — Christopher Mathias (@letsgomathias) October 28, 2017 Here are a few … Read More

Paging ‘all conservatives’! Jonathan Chait’s got a PIPING-HOT take for you!

Jonathan Chait: Doing his part to get Donald Trump re-elected, one tweet at a time. This essay defining white supremacy to include support for 1st Amendment proves my point about rhetorical slippage — Jonathan Chait (@jonathanchait) September 27, … Read More

Ready to rumble? Ben Shapiro dumps more cold water on Berkeley snowflakes

As the hour of Ben Shapiro’s speech draws nearer, Berkeley snowflakes are pulling out every last weapon they’ve got in their arsenal. He’s having too much fun. — Bethany S. Mandel (@bethanyshondark) September 14, 2017 Can you blame Shapiro … Read More

ThinkProgress concerned that Trump would retweet dubious Twitter account that isn’t ThinkProgress

The jury is still out on whether the country should just let Trump be Trump or if someone should take away his smartphone so he can’t tweet anymore. Regardless, ThinkProgress is sounding the alarm today not because of something Trump … Read More

Critics echo each other accusing Stephen Miller of echoing white supremacist talking points

“Stephen Miller” is currently the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter in the United States following his clash with CNN’s Jim Acosta over the Trump administration’s proposed immigration policy. It’s not unusual to see members of the media reflexively oppose … Read More

Howard Dean appalled by racist NRA ad, but admits a lot of Trump voters aren’t far-right nut cases with guns

It’s remarkable to think that it was just three weeks ago that a Bernie Sanders volunteer who followed a number of Facebook groups with names like “Terminate the Republican Party” opened fire on the Republican congressional baseball team during morning practice. … Read More