ZOMG NOT TIKI TORCHES!!! Alyssa Milano loses her shiznit over 15 morons chanting in Charlottesville

THIS WAS SO FRIGHTENING THAT ALYSSA EVEN USED EMOJI EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! Oh geez. ‼️HAPPENING NOW‼️@VaPSHS, why are these white supremacists allowed to carry torches during tonight’s hate march in Charlottesville? https://t.co/RanlkyYTin — Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) October 8, 2017 White nationalists … Read More

Hard pass: Richard Spencer to speak at anti-communist ‘torch march’ in Charlotte in December

A quick raise of hands by the staff here at Twitchy shows we’re pretty staunchly anti-communist, and it was patently offensive for several blue-checkmarks to liken the antifa in Charlottesville to World War II veterans and Allied soldiers storming Normandy. … Read More

DELETE your account: ESPN anchor gets STOMPED for calling Kid Rock and Trump white supremacists

Seems the media is accusing Kid Rock of being a racist. Kid Rock accuses media of labeling him a racist, says he loves black people in letter teasing Senate bid https://t.co/e2hK4fZ7q9 pic.twitter.com/9pdT4sYNmG — The Hill (@thehill) September 11, 2017 Welcome … Read More

‘This is sick’: Sen. Elizabeth Warren and fellow Democrats slam president for defending neo-Nazis

For an announcement about infrastructure, President Trump managed to rile just about everyone Tuesday. Of course, the press didn’t care about his plan for the country’s infrastructure; they wanted another take on Charlottesville, and they got it. It’s about this … Read More

President Trump takes third swing at #Charlottesville statement, strikes out bigly with reporters, pundits

President Trump’s big announcement from Trump Tower in New York City Tuesday afternoon was supposed to be about infrastructure, but he managed to guarantee bridges and highways will receive next to no coverage on the cable news shows. Sounds like … Read More