ZOMG NOT TIKI TORCHES!!! Alyssa Milano loses her shiznit over 15 morons chanting in Charlottesville

THIS WAS SO FRIGHTENING THAT ALYSSA EVEN USED EMOJI EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! Oh geez. ‼️HAPPENING NOW‼️@VaPSHS, why are these white supremacists allowed to carry torches during tonight’s hate march in Charlottesville? https://t.co/RanlkyYTin — Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) October 8, 2017 White nationalists … Read More

Hard pass: Richard Spencer to speak at anti-communist ‘torch march’ in Charlotte in December

A quick raise of hands by the staff here at Twitchy shows we’re pretty staunchly anti-communist, and it was patently offensive for several blue-checkmarks to liken the antifa in Charlottesville to World War II veterans and Allied soldiers storming Normandy. … Read More

DELETE your account: ESPN anchor gets STOMPED for calling Kid Rock and Trump white supremacists

Seems the media is accusing Kid Rock of being a racist. Kid Rock accuses media of labeling him a racist, says he loves black people in letter teasing Senate bid https://t.co/e2hK4fZ7q9 pic.twitter.com/9pdT4sYNmG — The Hill (@thehill) September 11, 2017 Welcome … Read More

‘This is sick’: Sen. Elizabeth Warren and fellow Democrats slam president for defending neo-Nazis

For an announcement about infrastructure, President Trump managed to rile just about everyone Tuesday. Of course, the press didn’t care about his plan for the country’s infrastructure; they wanted another take on Charlottesville, and they got it. It’s about this … Read More