FATALITY! TNR feminist takes on @redsteeze over Iran and loses — BIG TIME

Listen up, all you right-wingers. New Republic politics and culture writer Sarah Jones needs you to stop talking about Iran: would be great, as usual, if the right-wing stopped talking about Iran https://t.co/RKo969Bj6m — Sarah Jones (@onesarahjones) January 2, 2018 … Read More

‘Must be patriarchy!’ Newsweek’s scoop on gender roles will BLOW YOUR MIND

Having solved all other problems, Newsweek can focus on getting to the bottom of the real problems plaguing our society: “progressing” https://t.co/mT6OlbicmK pic.twitter.com/6kUKTplLtn — Allahpundit (@allahpundit) November 20, 2017 More from Newsweek: Muscles and money are qualities that straight women … Read More

BAM! This hot-take from Dave Rubin on Hillary minion’s ‘elect women’ nonsense is Twitter perfection

Hillary Clinton’s National Press Secretary seems to have some oddly sexist ideas around who in this country should be elected. Elect women.Elect Black women.Elect queer women.Elect trans women.Elect Muslim women.Elect Latina women.Elect disabled women.Elect Jewish women.Elect low-income women.Elect Muslim women.Elect … Read More