Everyone can stop retweeting that bogus meme about Mitch McConnell and polio now

We now pause for a message from our all-knowing celebrity overlords: Oh cool, two celebrities spreading a madeup story on twitter. Tell me more about kids from Macedonia being the problem. pic.twitter.com/8qKsNhTrb1 — BT (@back_ttys) June 25, 2017 Plenty of … Read More

Sick children beware: Vice President Mike Pence mentions ‘personal responsibility’ in speech to GOP

In a piece for The Atlantic last fall, Salena Zito wrote that the press tended to take Donald Trump literally, but not seriously, while his supporters took him seriously, but not literally. Reporters have argued that point back and forth ever … Read More

‘Mitch McConnell is a terrorist’: Could Bernie Sanders please ask his supporters to join him in dialing it down?

It’s fantastic news that Rep. Steve Scalise finally is out of the ICU and has been upgraded to fair condition, but it looks like the one “teachable moment” that could have come from the attack that gravely injured him has … Read More

Who’s up for another video of celebrities promoting abortion, the ‘most basic of all human rights’?

First, some breaking news. E! News has discovered a developing trend since the inauguration of President Donald Trump: it seems like every week, a celebrity is caught up in a “political firestorm,” from Stephen Colbert’s joke that Trump’s mouth was only … Read More